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The original premise for JUBEI began in the 12 year old brain of Milosz Jeziorski, and manifested as a crudely drawn comic which was hidden away in a dusty closet. Many years later, it was unearthed by Michael Pisano, and together they lovingly transformed it into the current animated series.

JUBEI is currently being pitched to networks and production companies. If you or your company is interested in producing/distributing/supporting JUBEI, please email contact@jubeisteele.com

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Milosz Jeziorski

Milosz Jeziorski is the Polish born, NYC raised, co-creator of JUBEI. Since graduating from NYU with a Masters in Film Scoring, he has been creating music for award winning films and multimedia projects.

To check out Milosz's musical endeavors visit www.miloszjeziorski.com

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Michael Pisano

Michael Pisano is a Graphic Designer/Animator; born, raised and based in New York City. He's married and has a baby girl (sorry ladies).‬ ‪He has known Milosz Jeziorski since freshman year of high school and they've been besties with testes ever since.‬ ‪Like Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the hit 90's comedy 'Junior', they gave birth to a child. A brain child.‬ ‪That brain child is Jubei and he's going to make them rich.

Michael is inspired by his wife Veronica and all things awesome like action movies, video games and Metallica. His favorite food is a rare ribeye steak, favorite drink is Sam Adams and favorite pattern is plaid on flannel. He knows what you're thinking: "WHAT A MAN!" You can view his other work at michaelpisano.carbonmade.com.

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